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PT & Exercise classes

Training is led by Scott with you being the main focus. Tell me where you need your fitness to go and I help you get there.

Personal & Group Training 
£60 per hour / £35 per ½ hour
Training is based on developing simple movements that are scaled up or down depending on your needs. Always focussing on the best technique possible. With added motivation for individuals, groups & teams to get better.
It takes time to become a better you:
Short term project: Get 1 session free when you buy 10 in advance, 11 hours of training is £600.
Long term project: Get 5 sessions free when you buy 20 in advance, 25 hours of training is £1200.


Lessons take place at 
the Excel Fitness suite in Northiam, East Sussex and Dale Hill Golf Club in Ticehurst.


The gym in Northiam is 4m x11m, so we can fit in about 9 people who can safely train there at 1 time (there is a nice field to look at over the back too.).

The gym has a Wattbike, a treadmill, a Versaclimber, 2.5-32kg dumbells, 4-40kg kettlebells, 2 cable machines, a power rack, and barbells with 305kg of Olympic weight plates but more importantly; the assistance, knowledge and information from someone that has over 23 years of experience in coaching techniques to all ages and abilities, is accredited by the UKSCA, NSCA and is an EXOS Performance Specialist.

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